Hosted Checkout

Hosted Checkout enables partners and merchants to start collecting payments faster. Tilled’s Hosted Checkout offering is comprised of two solutions:
  • Checkout Sessions API: Low-code option for partners to generate a checkout session URL. Review our API documentation here
  • Payment Links: No-code option for merchants to generate a unique link that routes the customer to a Tilled-hosted payments page.

Supported Features

  • One-time payments: The payment form supports one-time payments.
  • Mobile optimization: The payment form is optimized for mobile devices.
  • Multiple line items: You can add multiple line items to the payment form.
  • Payment method options: The payment form allows customers to select payment method options.
  • Customer association: You can associate an existing customer with the payment or create a new customer.
  • Metadata association: You can associate metadata with the payment.
  • Redirect customization: You can customize the redirection settings to redirect users back to your software prior to and upon payment completion.
  • White-labeling: Partner white-label settings are automatically applied to the payment form.

Checkout Lifecycle

  1. When a customer is ready to complete their purchase, your application creates a new Checkout Session.
  2. The Checkout Session generates a URL that redirects customers to a Tilled-hosted payment page. If a white-label subdomain is configured, the checkout_session_url will be hosted on that subdomain.
  3. Customers enter their payment details on the payment page to complete the transaction.
  4. If a success_url is provided, the customer will be redirected to your application.


  • If a success_url is not provided, a receipt will be presented to the customer upon payment. If a success_url is provided, the receipt can be accessed by re-visiting the checkout_session_url. The redirect to the success_url only occurs the first time a payment is successful.
  • Email receipts will be supported soon.

Check out a video walkthrough of how to create a checkout session through our console here: