Card Present

Currently, this feature is only available in our sandbox environment.
Unlock seamless card-present payment processing with Tilled's API, empowering partners to effortlessly enhance app experiences.

If you are already acquainted with collecting card-not-present transactions using Tilled, the process for card-present transactions will be quite similar. If not, you can learn more about collecting payments in our payment intent documentation.

Here are the steps to collect a card-present transaction:

  1. Retrieve a List of Terminals:

    • When a merchant orders a card-present reader, Tilled associates the device's serial number with the merchant and assigns a terminal ID.
    • Before processing a payment, retrieve a list of available terminals associated with the merchant. This allows you to specify the device from which the payment will be collected.
    • Make a GET request to:
    • Example:
      1curl --location --request GET '' \
      2--header 'tilled-account: {{MERCHANT_ACCOUNT_ID}}' \
      3--header 'tilled-api-key: {{SECRET_KEY}}'
  2. Create a Payment Method:

    • To confirm the payment_intent, attach a payment_method. This payment_method should have the type set to 'card_present' and the [terminal_id] of the device from which the payment will be collected.
    • Make a POST request to
    • Example:
      1curl --location --request POST '' \
      2--header 'tilled-api-key: {{SECRET_KEY}}' \
      3--header 'tilled-account: {{MERCHANT_ACCOUNT_ID}}' \
      4--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
      5--data '{
      6    "type": "card_present",
      7    "terminal_reader_id": "term_xxxxxxxxx"
  3. Collect the Payment:

    • Similar to creating a card-not-present transaction, start by creating a payment intent.
    • Specify [card_present] as the value for the payment_method_type property and include the payment_method_id from the response in step 2.
    • When you confirm the payment_intent, this will put the payment_intent into a status of requires_action, indicating that the payment_intent has been pushed to the terminal, and the customer will be prompted to complete the payment.
    • Make a POST request to Tilled/v1/payment_intents
    • Example:
       1curl --location --request POST '' \
       2--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
       3--header 'tilled-api-key: {{SECRET_KEY}}' \
       4--header 'tilled-account: {{MERCHANT_ACCOUNT_ID}}' \
       5--data '{
       6    "amount" : 10003,
       7    "currency": "usd",
       8    "payment_method_types": [ "card_present" ],
       9    "payment_method_id": "{{PAYMENT_METHOD_ID}}",
      10    "confirm": true
  4. Receive the Transaction Response:

    • Create a webhook (learn more in our Webhooks Documentation) for payment_intent_events, and we will send updates regarding the success of the payment intent and the associated transaction details.
The specific details provided in these examples are subject to change when this feature is publicly released.