Stripe Data Migration

Migrating from Stripe to Tilled? We applaud your decision! You can import sensitive payment info from your Stripe account directly into your Tilled account, safely and securely.

Your Payments Journey Continues With Tilled

When you first launched your company, your managed PayFac solution was an excellent partner. You're probably ready for a more customized solution that was created with your company and customers in mind but more importantly your ability to generate revenue through monetizing your payments. Tilled offers software platforms the ability to both monetize payments and onboard new merchants instantly. Here are some other examples of what the Tilled solution offers:

  • Revenue sharing that benefits your platform
  • Ease of implementation
  • No overhead cost
  • Improved merchant experience and onboarding

Tilled also allows you to bring your existing customer data from Stripe and import it to your new account.

Tilled collaborates with Stripe to migrate your data, including payment information, securely. This allows you to continue helping your merchants charge customers without having to ask them for their payment information again.

There are no fees for data migrations. Data migrations normally take a few business days after we receive the necessary information.

Tilled is built to make your security requirements and obligations as simple as possible. This enables your merchant’s customers to finish a transaction seamlessly and securely. This is accomplished by combining client-side and server-side actions:

  • Tilled securely collects the customer's payment information from your website or application running in a browser or on a mobile device.
  • Tilled responds with a representative token.
  • The intake method sends the token, along with any other form input, to your server.
  • That token is used by your server-side code in an API request.

This makes operating in a PCI-compliant manner simple, saving you time and money and ensuring a seamless and secure transaction.

Transfer Process

Stripe can assist you with transferring your customer card data to Tilled. Stripe creates an encrypted JSON export file with your data, including your customers' card details, email addresses, and any connected metadata, to accomplish this safely. Stripe then organizes a secure transfer with Tilled, who imports the data into their system.

To start the migration to Tilled, Stripe will probably need the following from you:

  • Tilled's current PCI Attestation of Compliance (AOC)
  • Tilled's PGP public encryption key
    • You may access that here and send Stripe this link at anytime.

After Stripe's migration support team has completed the export of your data, they will send you an email containing encrypted information regarding how Tilled can retrieve your data. This email needs to be sent (forwarding is fine) to [email protected] so our security team can retrieve your data. This information can only be decrypted by Tilled's security team.

You can get additional details about what Stripe will probably need from you to start the migration process here.

Payment history, subscriptions, and other objects from your Stripe account are not exported to Tilled.

Welcome to PayFac-as-a-Service!

Build your Tilled integration Request that your current processor (Stripe) send your data to Tilled. To complete the migration, you'll need to update your integration. Import payment data from Stripe to Tilled