We pride ourselves on frictionless merchant onboarding -- because your end users should never have to wait to accept payments! Better yet, you can choose from a white-label hosted application or leverage our Tilled API to onboard your merchants -- it's your adventure to choose!

Tilled provides a hosted merchant onboarding form that can be customized to match your brand. If you want to personalize the entire experience, you can do it completely through the Tilled API.

Steps to onboard a merchant

  1. Create a merchant account using the Tilled Console or API.
  2. Update merchant application using the API or hosted onboarding form.
    • This can be completed before sending the link to the merchant.
  3. Submit the onboarding using the API or hosted onboarding form.
  4. (Optional) Track webhooks of type=account.updated to be informed when a merchant is ready to begin processing.
Only Partners can onboard merchants. Pass your parner account_id when onboarding new merchants to avoid errors.