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Processing a Card-Present Transaction

1. Listing Terminal Readers

Terminal Readers are physical devices that allow merchants to process card-present transactions. Using the Tilled Rest API, a merchant can list the terminal readers associated to their account: Terminal Reader List

2. Create the Payment Method

Payment methods for card present transactions must be created with a type of “card_present” and must include the terminal_reader_id of the terminal with which the merchant will process the transaction. After the payment is processed, this payment method will contain all of the information a regular card-not-present payment method contains: Create Payment Method

3. Create the PaymentIntent

PaymentIntents for card present transactions must be created or updated to have a payment method with type “card_present”, and have a payment method type of [“card_present”]. Manual capturing is currently not supported with card-present PaymentIntents. Create PaymentIntent

4. Confirm the PaymentIntent (If not confirmed when created)

Confirm the PaymentIntent, if you did not create the PaymentIntent with “confirm: true” in the post body, by using the “Confirm a PaymentIntent” endpoint of the Tilled Rest API. Confirming a PaymentIntent will send transaction details to the terminal reader associated with this PaymentIntent’s payment method. Confirm Payment Intent

5. Determining transaction result status from Tilled Rest API

After the card present transaction is complete (regardless of the processing status of the transaction), the results will be available via the “Retrieve a PaymentIntent” endpoint of the Tilled Rest API.

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